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【Tianjin Robbinz Mall Renovation】
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Project is located in Heping District, Tianjin.
HVAC system due diligence and transformation cost estimate


GFA of  the 8-storey shopping mall is around 98,000㎡, catering part on 6/F to 8/F.
Renovation includes: fast food stores and snack stalls in basement relocated as a supermarket on 6/F, and 1/F is for main stores.
HVAC system due diligence and renovation solution suggestions:
→:Main problem in the HVAC system: heavy cold air from outside at the entrance/exit on 1/F, not allow the staffs to stay or work for long time within 6 metres area by the doors, in the coldest season.
→:Proceed detailed calculation and analysis on the problem area that H&M and other brand stores on 1/F are influenced. Provide specific and comprehensive transformation program proposals and cost estimates, including increasing the make up air, Pre-Cooling Air Holding Unit renovating, increasing warm air curtain, recheck and recondition of air conditioning, etc., to reduce the negative pressure and stack effect in the shopping mall, hereby realize property value-adding and improve customer experience.
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