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                PKLC Engineering Consultants(Beijing)LTD.
                PKL Consultants LTD.
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                Energy Management

                ※ Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning System (HVAC)
                ※ Boiler and Central Hot Water System
                ※ Steam
                ※ Fire Services Systems:
                      Fire Detection and Automatic Fire Alarm System
                      Automatic Sprinkler and Fire Hydrant System
                      Hose reel, Staircase Pressurization and Smoke Control System
                      Total Flooding Gas Extinguishing System
                      Atomized Fog Fire Fighting System
                      Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
                      Special Fire System for M & E Plants
                ※ Electrical System:
                      High & Low Voltage Distribution
                      Lighting Installation
                      Lightning Protection Installation
                      Emergency Generating Plant Installation
                ※ Plumbing and Drainage Systems:
                      Potable, Non-potable and Flushing Water Supply
                      Foul and Storm Water Disposal Installation
                      Water Treatment System
                      Grey Water System
                      Swimming Pool Filtration and Circulation System
                      Drainage Connection reserved for Kitchen Area
                      Provision of Water Supply and Drainage for Landscape & Fountain
                ※ ELV Systems:
                      Public Address System
                      Smart Card System
                      Telephone System
                      Security Systems
                      Car park Parking System
                      CABD & Satellite Reception System
                      Building Management System (BMS)
                      Office Automation System(OAS)
                      Communication Automation System(CAS)
                      Premises Distribution System (PDS)
                      Network System Co-ordination
                ※ Lifts and Escalators Installation
                ※ Utilities Services within Red Line of Site Boundary

                ※ Project Planning and Assessment
                   ? Due Diligence
                   ? Plant and Services Conditions Audit
                   ? Plant Performance Analysis
                   ? Plant Overhaul Consultancy
                   ? Specialist Analytical Studies
                   ? Economic Analysis
                   ? Environmental Evaluation
                   ? Feasibility Studies
                   ? Permitting
                   ? Site Survey and Value Engineering
                ※ Engineering Design
                   ? Concept Design
                        Public Utilities and Energy Source Analysis
                        Design Standard and Analysis
                        M&E Systems Capacity and Load Calculation
                        Vertical Transportation Capacity Analysis
                        Main Plant Rooms, Risers and Routes Design
                        Design Report and Drawings
                   ? Preliminary Design
                        Detailed Calculate The Power Using, Heating and Cooling Loads, Water Consumption Etc.
                        Improve Cost Effectiveness, Ease Of Construction / Installation, Systems Durability, Etc.
                        Location and Sizes Of All Plant Rooms, Major Equipment Of Each Plant, Major Ducts, Pipes and Conduits
                        Loading Analysis To Associated With Architectural and Structural Design
                        Design and Drawings
                   ? Tender / Construction Drawing Design
                        Drawing Design
                        General Arrangement Drawing, Section Drawing, Flow Diagrams, Equipment Schedules and Installation
                        Devise Type, Load Capacity, Rated Capacity, Material, Structure and Installation Standard
                   ? 2nd Fitting-out Design
                        All ME Systems Detailed Design Based To Interior Design Detail
                        Design Description , General Arrangement Drawing, Flow Diagrams, Equipment Schedules
                        To Ensure The Properly Coordinate Of All The ME System Design and Architectural Design
                   ?  Design Vetting
                        Design Documents Audit, Including Design Report, All Drawings, Calculation Report, Specifications And

                        Equipment list etc.
                   ? Tender
                        Technical Tender Documents
                        Tender Analyze
                        Tender Report
                   ? Construction Supervision
                        Construction Quality Inspection
                        Construction Period Control
                        Drawings and Equipment List Review
                        Installation and Testing
                        Testing and Commissioning
                   ? Contract Management, VO Review, Budget Review,Payment Review
                   ? Cost Estimation, Budget Control
                   ? Systems Drawing Combination
                   ? Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Plan
                ※ Design Coordination
                    Architectural, Civil & Structural, Curtain Wall, Interior Design, Landscaping, Special Lighting, Acoustics,
                    Audio & Visual System, Cold Storage, Security System, Information Technology System, Sustainable Design,
                    Waterscape Design、Environmental, Geotechnical, Transportation, Urban Design
                ※ Operation & Maintenance
                   ? Capital Asset Management (CAM)
                   ? Compilation of O&M Manual
                   ? Maintainability Analysis
                   ? Property Facility Management
                   ? Operator Training Program
                   ? O&M Auditing
                   ? Testing and Commissioning

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